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100 Brachos
for Peace

Join us in a united effort to bring blessings and hope during these challenging times.
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חייב אדם לברך מאה ברכות בכל יום

A person is obligated to recite 100 blessings every day.

Menachos 43b

Why 100 Brachos?

The tradition of reciting 100 brachos daily has deep roots in our history, tracing back to the time of David Hamelech. When a devastating plague swept through the land, it was David Hamelech who introduced this daily practice, bringing an end to the suffering. Now, as Israel grapples with war and challenges from every direction, our united tefillos and brachos stand as a shining beacon of hope. They are our call for peace and a testament to our indomitable spirit. Through the zechus of reciting 100 Brachos each day, may we be blessed with enduring peace, freedom, and the awaited arrival of Mashiach.

Print a 100 Brachos Chart

To help you keep track of your 100 Brachos a day, we have created a free printable checklist.

Download it, print it and share it with your friends!

Download Brachos Chart

Get Your School Involved

Rebbeim, Moros, Teachers, Hanhalah and Parents, it's time to infuse your schools with the beautiful mitzvah of reciting 100 brachos daily! Print out the 100 Brachos a Day chart and distribute them to your students and classes. Encourage them to complete it every day with incentives and prizes. Teach the true meaning of Hakaras HaTov to Hashem. Together, through the zechus of 100 Brachos, may we see our students flourish in Torah and midos tovos.
Download Brachos Chart
If your class/school does join, please contact us — we'd love to know!

Give thanks to Hashem.


לעילוי נשמת
ר' פנחס אליהו בן יעקב יוסף זצ"ל
ר' חיים יצחק בן דוד זצ"ל

In Memory Of
Leon Manaster
Chaim Melcer

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